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Hollie Steel Videos by Nevin

Nevin has kindly uploaded three new Hollie Steel videos from the Britain’s Got Talent tour to share with everyone.

The first two are from Hammersmith London 27th June:

and the third one from Birmingham on June 23rd:

I understand from Hollie’s Facebook page that Hollie was interviewed on Granada Television on Thursday morning. If anyone has recorded the interview, it would be nice if it could be uploaded to Youtube so we could share it with everyone.

Hollie Steel Live in Birmingham on July 3rd

Hollie singing live in Birmingham on July 3rd. This quality of this video is quite good 🙂

Hollie Steel in Bournemouth on June 26th

Hollie Steel performing at the BIC, Bournemouth on 26th June 2009.

Hollie Steel Performing in Manchester (Video)

The above Youtube video contains Hollie Steel singing “I Have Confidence” from the Sound of Music, merging into “Edelweiss” where she teams up with 2 Grand. Listen to Hollie’s high note finish on Edelweiss. Absolutely amazing!

Hollie Steel Interviewed about Fame and the Live Tour

holliesteelHollie Steel has been talking to the Blackpool Citizen about what getting into the final of Britain’s Got Talent has meant for her and her family.

Hollie returned to school for a little while after the competition, but she is currently travelling across the country performing in the Britain’s Got Talent Live Tour.

Little Hollie has been starting to feel like a superstar. She has been asked for her autograph when out and about, she has autographed photos for her school pals, and she is recognised everywhere.

“I feel like I’m a bit famous now,” she said. “People keep looking and waving at me in the street. I say ‘hi’ but I’m a bit embarrassed.”

Mum Nina reassures us that Hollie is keeping her feet firmly on the ground, and taking the attention in her stride.

“She’s still a kid afterall.” Nina said. “But it’s been lovely to receive so many letters of support for her. We’ve had letters just addressed to Hollie Steel, BGT, and they’ve reached us.”

And Nina, ahem, some people have written lovely websites!

Nina is pleased with the way that the producers of Britain’s Got Talent have looked after her and her daughter, putting them up in posh hotels and providing lots of tasty food.

“The hotel is really posh,” said an excited Nina, 37. “And the food is really good at the rehearsals. We go down at 9.30am and do the run-throughs. Then at lunch they have these on site caterers. All the parents keep saying if we carry on eating so much we’ll go home a dress size up.

“They are really looking after us. Throughout the tour Hollie has a tutor for her school work. She has been writing a bit of an autobiography/diary type thing, too.”

Hollie has made friends with the other childen on the tour, including singer Shaheen Jafargholi, 12, dancer Aiden Davis, 11 and 12-year-old Sally Lux from 2 Grand.  Hollie and Sally will sing a medley of Sound of Music songs whilst they are together on the tour.

Hollie has really enjoyed making new friends. She said: “I want to see them when the tour is over but they live really far away.”

Nina told the Citizen: “Hollie is doing a solo in the first act,” she said. “She’s doing her audition song, “I Could Have Danced All Night”. She really wanted to do that for the competition and I wished she had now. It might have made all the difference — but Simon Cowell didn’t like it.”

Referring to her live tears on ITV, Hollie said: “I dont think I’ll cry again. I’ve been Annie before in theatre and being on stage isn’t as bad as telly. Just before I went on the time I cried someone told me there weres 15 million people watching.”

Nina added: “Everything on TV was all focused on camera work. Hollie is better at this because of her time with Basics theatre school in Colne.

“But in the second act she’s doing a completely new song called I Have Confidence from The Sound Of Music, which she’s been learning for just three days. It’s a lot to ask when she’s only 10. But everyone is in the same position. Julian said to me he’d never even heard of one of his songs.

“We practise in the hotel room before we go for tea, especially the dancing. She’s got to learn to use a hand-held mic, which she keeps moving around so you can’t hear her!”

Hollie will be performing across 24 shows in total, and will be making her first trip on an aeroplane in time for the Belfast show on July 1st, when Hollie will celebrate her 11th birthday.

Happy birthday for July 1st, Hollie!

Hollie Steel looks forward to the Britain’s Got Talent tour

Hollie Steel has returned to school after her Britain’s Got Talent adventure, and was warmly welcomed by the pupils and teachers at her school.

She is now looking forward to performing on the Britain’s Got Talent tour which consists of 27 dates around the UK and is due to start this Friday in Birmingham. She will be home tutored in London in between rehearsals and shows, according to an article in the Lancashire Telegraph.

Hollie’s mother Nina said: “Hollie was really tired when we got back off the train yesterday but she still went into school.”

Nina revealed how Hollie watched her performances after getting home on Sunday night. She said: “She is a perfectionist and was picking out her faults.

“All she could see was what was wrong about it.

“And now she is really, really excited she has been invited onto the tour, but they are trying to sort out licences for her so she can work.

“It is the end of the year and the school thinks she has done really, really well in her SATS and they have been supportive towards her.”

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