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Hollie Steel Music Video for Edelweiss

Don’t worry about the cricket sounds – they are there to prevent illegal downloads and will be removed in a few weeks.

10 Responses to “Hollie Steel Music Video for Edelweiss”

  • Joe Culbert says:

    Very well done. Hollie is so adorable. The only thing, & maybe it’s my speakers, but it seems the piano totally dominates over Hollies voice instead of being balanced or in the background?

  • Georgi Velev says:

    5/5 stars for the song, Hollie. I am not sure about the video, perhaps it should have been shot in Austria or Switzerland, but no worries, I’m sure you will have the chance to sing there as well.

    Congratulations to the composer who wrote the arrangement, and the pianist (I presume it’s Hollie’s daddy). A classy work, indeed. To me, it makes a nice lullaby and the song is worth to be played in a night block of a radio station. It’s nearly 11pm here and it sounds quite relaxing.

    I have a question to Mandy or whoever can answer this – is this single available on a CD? I’d like to get some and give them out to some friends (including my sister & father) and colleagues at work who genuinely critisized me for going to Bornemouth to see Hollie sing.

    • HollieSteelFan says:

      Hi Georgi, It’s available as an MP3 download only, but if you particularly want a hard copy CD to give to your friends then you could pre-order a few more copies of Hollie’s album. Mandy x

  • Tai says:

    Hi Hollie ! I have not download the song in MP3 that buying a song in livre or euro I can not download, it’s not in Canadian dollar unless you do something for those not just the united states or europe, I would buy the album but I’m don’t interested to buy of Internet, I would buy it in HMV unfortunately I asked the dealer or the store was Hollie Steel and response they have not sent the album in Quebec and Canada

    • Leopold says:

      Hello Tai
      Hollie’s single can be downloaded from Canada. No problem! And you can pre-order Hollie’s album too. You will have to pay in Canadian dollar.

  • Joe Culbert says:

    Hmmm, must just be me. I’ll bow to Georgi since he knows a lot more about music then I. As one ages certain tones disappear so maybe it’s time to get the hearing checked. I hear there are some very good audiologists in Accrington.

  • Hassaan says:

    5 stars for the vocals and song, but i’m not sure about the production of the music video. I think it could be in a similar fashion to an X Factor winner’s video, Hollie stands there singing, in front of a backdrop, while clips of Hollie on BGT are shown. I think the video should be renamed as ‘Edelweiss – Hollie Steel – Official Music Video (HD)’.

  • nina says: and will be making available a limited number of physical signed CDs of the Edelweiss single.

    Kind Regards

  • Rebecca (hollie_steel fan) says:

    Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful! Hassaan you sound really ungrateful :O
    Nina, great work with hollie bee 😀 Love the coat heheh!

    Rebecca! (miss random admin!)

  • luke radclyffe says:

    Hollie what you just did with the songs when Christmas comes to town and edelweiss was Beutifully done well done

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