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Hollie Steel Official SiteHollie’s management team are working hard to create one official site accessible to all fans worldwide, in many languages.

This site will remain for history purposes, but will not be updated. Please visit for all the official and latest news about Hollie !

Hollie Steel on STV

Hollie Steel on STVHollie Steel and mum Nina today appeared on STV on “The Hour” show, presented by Stephen Jardine and Michelle McManus.

Here is a direct link to the segment that contains Hollie: click here. Hollie’s segment is in part 4. The interview is available on the STV player for the next 30 days to UK viewers only for copyright reasons. However, Pamela from STV has contacted me to let me know that STV have also made stand alone videos of Hollie’s chat and performance and there will be articles accompanying these videos. I will add a link to the videos and articles once it is available.

Michelle McManus at the start of the interview referred to Hollie as the “little girl with a big voice”. She pointed out that this year’s BGT auditions are starting this Saturday, and Hollie replied that the past year had gone by really quickly for her.

Of course, Hollie was asked about the semi-final where she forgot the words to Edelweiss, and Nina talked about how she ran down to “rescue” Hollie. Nina was asked if she thought that the age limit should be raised to 18 for contestants, and Nina pointed out, quite rightly, that children wouldn’t perform if they didn’t love it. She emphasised that Hollie got upset because she went wrong, not because she didn’t want to sing. Hollie loves singing!

Hollie Steel singing Nessun Dorma on STVHollie was asked about how she was treated on the BGT show, and she confirmed that she was well looked after. She had a lady with her who played games and looked after her. Nina said that the competition had been a stepping stone in Hollie’s career, as she aspired to be like Kathryn Jenkins.

Hollie was then asked about the BGT tour – where she had to have a tutor – and whilst she found it fun, she did miss out on the annual holiday that her school go on. When asked about her forthcoming album, Hollie said that making it had been “really fun and really exciting” and that yes, she chose all the songs and made a song with her dad, Jason.

As a finale and finishing off The Hour, Hollie gave an amazing rendition of Nessun Dorma. When asked why she wanted to sing Nessun Dorma, Hollie replied that it’s a powerful song and she really likes it.

Hollie Steel to appear on Scottish TV this Wednesday

Hollie will be appearing on STV (Scottish TV) this Wednesday, at around tea time. David is going to try and record the programme as he is in Scotland – sadly I won’t get to see it first hand as the North East doesn’t get STV.

Jeff has just posted that the show on STV is called “The Hour” and airs from 5-6pm. I checked out the STV website and it looks like we’ll be able to watch the transmission on the STV player. Yay!

In other news, during our chat session yesterday, Hollie mentioned that she would like a crystal encrusted microphone. I think it would go well with her sparkly leotard and tiara.

The photos at the top of this post were all posted during Sunday’s chat session. I think you have seen the one of Hollie with her dog Sasha before, but the other two are new – one is of Hollie and Josh looking “real kool” and the other shows Hollie with a lovely snowman.

And finally, not that I like to drop names or anything, but I’m going to see the Family Steel this Saturday – so if you have any questions about Hollie that you’d like answering, leave a comment under this post and I’ll see what I can do 🙂

Hollie Steel in the Daily Star

Hollie Steel  - EdelweissAn article about Hollie Steel appears in today’s Daily Star newspaper.

In the article, Nina talks about the difficulties faced after Britain’s Got Talent ended.

Nina told the Daily Star: “As soon as the series has finished you don’t hear a word from them ever again. The 2008 finalists – including Faryl Smith, who’s a similar artist to Hollie – did very very well from it.

“They got record deals and things like that. Hollie didn’t get anything.

“We believed Hollie’s talent was good enough to get some sort of recognition but nobody came forward.”

However, now Hollie’s career has been sponsored, and as you already know, she has released Edelweiss which is available from the store, and will be launching her debut album, Hollie, next month. The album can be preordered now from the store.

Nina currently has a six month sabbatical from her NHS job to help and promote Hollie.

Hollie Steel Easter Sunday Chat Update

Hollie Steel in the SnowHollie Steel was in the chat room again on Easter Sunday. Apparently she only had two Easter Eggs – but she did receive lots of new clothes.

Hollie received lots of compliments and positive remarks about her latest single, Edelweiss, and revealed that her second single from the forthcoming album will be “O Mio Babbino”.  The artwork for the second single is currently being prepared.

Hollie also talked about an album track called “Come to My Garden” – in which Hollie harmonises with herself. Sounds doubly good to me!

Hollie then spoke a little about the Miss Photogenic competition that she has entered. The final is not until November so we have a while to wait to see if Hollie will win.

In the next few days, Hollie is going down to London with her mum and Josh, her brother. Josh will be auditioning for a place at the Italia Conti Stage School, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that he gets offered a place.

Hollie Steel Music Video for Edelweiss

Don’t worry about the cricket sounds – they are there to prevent illegal downloads and will be removed in a few weeks.

Hollie’s Album