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Archive for July, 2009

Hollie Singing “I Have Confidence” in Bournemouth on July 5th

Thanks again to Scott for this great quality clip.

Just a note, I have uploaded Nevin’s entire video of Britain’s Got More Talent which includes an interview with Hollie’s Grandma and father, Jason. You may want to check out this post to see the updated entry.

Hollie Steel attended the Bryan Adams “Hear The World Ambassadors” Exhibition on July 21st

Hollie Steel Bryan Adams 1Hollie Steel Bryan Adams 2Hollie Steel attended the Bryan Adams “Hear The World Ambassadors” Exhibition on July 21st at the Saatchi Gallery in London. She looked very grown-up and positively regal in a white dress with a net underskirt, tiara, silver cross body handbag and golden shoes.

The exhibition contains photos of celebrities taken by Bryan Adams, the musician/photographer, to raise awareness of the importance of being able to hear properly, and the impact hearing loss can cause to an individual.

Many famous musicians have been photographed for the exhibition, including Mick Jagger, Amy Winehouse, Annie Lenox and Joss Stone, each in an image featuring a conscious pose of “hearing.”

Thanks again to Kevin for keeping me informed.

Hollie Steel in Bournemouth on July 5th, 2009

hollie steel 1hollie steel 2Scott has been kind enough to upload some really good quality videos of Hollie Steel singing “Edelweiss” and “I Could Have Danced All Night” at Bournemouth on July 5th 2009.

Update: The original video of “I Could Have Danced All Night” at Bournemouth has been replaced with Scott’s new high definition one, which he has been kind enough to upload.

His videos are of such a high quality that I have been able to take some nice stills from them to add to this article.

Video 1: Hollie singing “I Could Have Danced All Night”

Video 2: Hollie singing Edelweiss with 2 Grand

Hollie Steel with 2 Grand

Hollie Steel and Rolf Harris Duet on the Cards?

Hollie Steel and Rolf Harris duetAs you may know, we have been trying to “Get Hollie Steel a Record Deal” for a little while now, and it seems our wishes may have been answered as Rolf Harris has expressed an interest in singing a duet with the little songstress.

Rolf Harris, who is now an amazing 79 years old, has previously had top 10 hits with Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport; Two Little Boys and  Stairway To Heaven; although my own favourite is Jake the Peg which was voted the fourth best Australian song of all time.

Hollie’s mum Nina Steel, told the Daily Mirror: “We have just heard that Rolf wants to do a single with her.

“It’s a new song that Rolf has written about a grandfather and granddaughter. Obviously, we’re delighted. Hollie would love to record an album, so we really hope this will lead to other things.

“Hollie is a big fan of Rolf, especially when he was doing Animal Hospital.”

The Lancashire Telegraph has furnished a few more details about the song. Written by Rolf, it is called “Opa Jaki”.

Nina said: “It is a very sweet song and we are definitely going to go for it. We are just waiting for the music to come though so she can learn her part.

“This offer from Rolf Harris would be a good opportunity for Hollie and may help her to keep a high profile. We have been contacted by people from all over the world wondering and asking when she is going to do a CD and the support we have had from the public has been great.”

My thanks to Kevin for bringing this story to my attention.

Hollie says “Thank you for the videos!”

Hollie Steel has added a message on the site, which I’m reproducing here so you don’t miss it:

Dear kevin and everyone

your videos are beautiful, thankyou so much. they made me feel really special. thankyou. I promise everyone i won’t listen to all those bullies and i’ll keep singing. i love singing so much. has anyone hears the song ‘ God help the outcasts’ from the disney’s Hunchback of Notrodame. I love this song and i’m learning to sing it. I hope i can sing it to you all one day.

lots of love

Hollie xx

Hollie Steel Interview on Britain’s Got More Talent

Here is a video of Hollie Steel and Nina being interviewed by Stephen Mulhern after her amazing come back in the semi finals of Britain’s Got Talent. Nevin has very kindly uploaded this video onto YouTube so that we can all watch it. Thanks Nevin x

Update: Nevin has uploaded the complete interview to YouTube, which includes interviews with Hollie’s dad Jason and Hollie’s Grandma. You can view it here:

More Hollie Steel Fan Videos

Hollie Steel has so many creative fans out there, who really love Hollie and hearing her sing, and are making wonderful fan videos as a tribute to the little lady herself.

Krystal started the ball rolling, with her True Colours video. Then Kevin(16), a regular visitor to this site has made a number of lovely Hollie videos and his own Hollie fan site. Now David Nisbet, who has a MySpace page for Hollie, has also created one.

So, the first video below is one of Kevin’s, the second video is David’s.

Hollie Steel gets Wicked

Hollie Steel’s favourite musical is Wicked, and here is a clip of Hollie meeting some cast members from Wicked (Dianne and Alexia) and being turned green. Thanks Wouter NL for bringing it to my attention. Enjoy 🙂

Hollie Steel Fan Video on Youtube

Well, the Britain’s Got Talent Live Tour may now have finished and Hollie Steel is back home enjoying quality time with her family. However, Hollie’s fans are missing her and are finding creative ways of sending Hollie tributes. Below is a fan video that I found for Hollie on Youtube. It is really rather sweet, so I thought I’d post it here. The part featuring Hollie starts at 25 seconds. Enjoy 🙂

Hollie Steel Live in Birmingham on July 3rd

Hollie singing live in Birmingham on July 3rd. This quality of this video is quite good 🙂

Hollie’s Album